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Batting Partnerships

Grade Type 
Match Format 
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186 Daniel Falcke - Tim Wise Macleod Cricket ClubBarclay Shield14 1 Riverside
286 Reg Seit - Blair Chamberlain Macleod Cricket ClubG5 Grade8 1 Bundoora Park
396 Tim Wise - Tim Dale Macleod Cricket ClubBarclay Shield8 1 Heidelberg
4134 Bailey Wittmann - Blair Chamberlain Macleod Cricket ClubG5 Grade4 1 South Morang
556 Max Turnbull - Jamie Cleary Macleod Cricket ClubF2 Grade7 1 Whittlesea
667 Daniel Hurley - Steven Kelly Macleod Cricket ClubC Grade5 1 Riverside
739 Bailey Wittmann - Jack Medley Macleod Cricket ClubG5 Grade7 1 Thomastown United
849 Reid Brandt - Michael Bosso Macleod Cricket ClubBarclay Shield9 1 North Eltham Wanderers
9No partnerships of 25 runs or greater     
1026 Thomas McKinlay - Earl Dicesare Macleod Cricket ClubC Grade6 1 Lower Eltham

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